Monday, 25 April 2016

Start Saving Early to Achieve Child Education with Ease

We are now in the age where salary increases by 10% or not per annum, the expenses rises by over 10% per annum. Take School Education, it seems Inflation Index does not consider annual fee hikes by the schools. If it is included in the index, our inflation could easily surpass 10% which is currently at 6%.

Lets Start ::

A Child is born in the family, the parents have to save for the admission fees of the child for nursery admission when the child turns 3/4 years. The monthly fee structure accounts to close to over 10% of families budget, if not more. One has to need savings for that. Then it comes annual excursions / activities at schools. Over and above the rise in fee structure by over 10% by most of the schools.

So, if a child's nursery fee is Rs. 3000/- per month, by the time he/ she comes out of 12th the monthly school fees rises to whopping 15,000/-  in today's scenario. Is there planning for that - NO.

This makes planning and budgeting for Higher Education all the more very very important.

Start Saving for child's higher education as Early as possible. Need to realise that pretty soon . Since hike in Higher Education is much more steeper than expected and that too if you plan to send your child abroad. The Rupee is depreciating at an average of 5% p.a. . We need to take into account as well.

We need to PLAN, SET GOALS and EXECUTE them. Also REVIEW the performances of assets invested on annual basis. We are entering into much tougher times than we anticipate.

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